We have established our own integrated production line that can handle everything
from material procurement to machining, can manufacturing, test, and inspection as a one-stop service.
We have also established an integrated production system by collaborating with partner companies
for various special processes such as heat treatment and coating.
This system enables us to achieve short delivery times and low costs.


  1. 01

    Quick delivery
    and low cost

    We have achieved quick delivery and low cost by consolidating the manufacturing process through our integrated production system and VE activities.

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    Precision machining of difficult-to-cut materials such as duplex stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Co-based heat-resistant alloys, titanium alloys, and cemented carbides.

    High-precision canning of thin products from 0.5mm to 3mm thick and small to medium-sized products.
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    Quality Control

    ISO9001:2015 JIS Q 9100:2016 certification
    We also handle aircraft and nuclear power products and conduct thorough quality control.
    We also provide 3D measurement and various non-destructive inspections by 1st class mechanical inspection technicians.

  2. 04

    Ability to make

    We will accurately grasp the essence of the issues faced by our customers and make the most appropriate proposals.

CASECase Studies of Problem Solving

We will introduce examples of solutions we have proposed so far and their effects.


WorksOur Business

Components for various industrial equipment such as thermal, nuclear, and biomass power generation equipment, aircraft, submarines, machine tools, and ships and combustion parts using hydrogen, ammonia, and other next-generation energy sources as fuels.

  • Machining

    We have responded to all kinds of requests for precision parts machining, regardless of material. We have also successfully completed. We have also succeeded in many high-difficulty prototypes requested by our customers.

  • Can manufacturing

    SUS304,316,310,321, Hastelloy, Inconel, Titanium, Aluminum, etc.
    We have a proven track record of high-precision can manufacturing of small to medium-sized

  • Test and

    We report highly reliable inspection results by using non-destructive testing (PT/FPT/MT/UT/RT) and CMMs.


equipmentEquipment List

We are aggressively investing in facilities and equipment to meet our customers' expectations and requirements.


companyAbout Us

We have been involved in the manufacture of metal parts for major manufacturers since our establishment.



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