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About Can manufacturing

We have experience in manufacturing various steel materials such as SUS304, 316, 321, Hastelloy, Inconel, titanium, and aluminum, as well as double-wall pipes for hydrogen and other industrial equipment.

We specialize in high-precision can manufacturing of thin products from 0.5 mm to 3 mm thick, and we can also handle machining after welding. (For details on dimensions, etc., please refer to the Equipment List.)
In addition, when welding special materials, we request a specialized institution to conduct cross-sectional observation tests to confirm the amount of welding, cracking of the base material, and metallurgical conditions before welding.
Based on the results, we have established welding methods and technical skill certification system to guarantee reliable quality to our customers.

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Precision Welding 精密溶接
Precision Welding

We are capable of meeting geometric tolerances with high required accuracy. We have established a stable supply system by establishing working conditions, complying with work procedures, and thoroughly implementing technical skill certification system in order to fabricate products that meet the requirements.

Precision Canning

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    Precision can manufacturing area divided into booths to prevent contamination with foreign materials

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    Highly accurate work management system

Canning Process

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    Heat-resistant alloy cans

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    Stainless steel canned products

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    Elaborate care work after welding

Maintenance work

For maintenance work such as periodic inspections, we disassemble the assembly, conduct various inspections (PT, RT, pressure resistance tests), replace parts, weld repair, clean parts, and reassembly.
We also specialize in checking and removing foreign objects inside products using the latest video scopes.

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Precision Welding 作業の効率化
Improved work efficiency

We have introduced industrial robots to improve work efficiency.

We use robots for welding (semi-automatic welding) and plasma cutting separately to improve work efficiency and stabilize quality through automation.

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Qualification 資格保有数一覧
List of Qualifications

Certification Body Material Qualifications Qualification Symbol Test material
(Plate thickness)
Welding method Welding posture retained
Japan Welding
Welding Management Engineer Level 2 1
Basis TN-F thin plate(3.2mm) Tig downward 41
TN-2F semi-sized plate(9mm) Tig downward 2
TN-3F thick plate(19mm) Tig downward 2
MN-F thin plate(3.2mm) Mig downward 1
Speciality TN-P thin-walled tube(3mm) Tig downward 11
TN-V thin plate(3.2mm) Tig vertical 1
MN-V thin plate(3.2mm) Mig vertical 1
Basis SA-2F semi-sized plate(9mm) semi-automatic downward 3
SA-3F thick plate(19mm) semi-automatic downward 7
T-1F thin plate(3.2mm) Tig downward 1
A-2F semi-sized plate(9mm) Sheilded metal arc downward 1
SN-2F semi-sized plate(9mm) semi-automatic downward 1
SC-3F thick plate(19mm) semi-automatic downward 1
Speciality SA-2V semi-sized plate(9mm) semi-automatic vertical 2
SA-3V thick plate(19mm) semi-automatic vertical 3
T-1P thin-walled tube(3.2mm) Tig Horizontal and vertical fixation 1
SN-2V semi-sized plate(9mm) semi-automatic vertical 1
Nippon Kaiji
Basis TW-P-B-SU-t1-PA-ssnb plate thickness(1mm) Tig downward 2
TW-P-B-SU-t1.5-PA-ssnb plate thickness(1.5mm) Tig downward 2
TW-P-B-SU-t3-PA-ssnb plate thickness(3mm) Tig downward 9
TW-P-B-SU-t5-PA-ssnb plate thickness(5mm) Tig downward 9


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